International Board of Digital Marketing (IBDM) is the Digital Marketing Expertise Recognition Organization.
IBDM is the emerging standard in the digital marketing field 

International Board of Digital Marketing are recognizing the need for focused, qualified ongoing training. Clients and employers are increasingly demanding a way to assure that marketing professionals have that training; and educators are discovering that IBDM recognition enhances the value of their programs in the marketplace.

IBDM Asia and Australia

International Office

128/366 L.7 Payathai Plaza Building

Payathai Road, Bangkok 10400


Tel +66-2-612-9330

Fax +66-2-612-1014

Email: ibdminfo@gmail.com

IBDM North America

3503 Jack Northrop Ave 

Suite # X7599 

Hawthorne, California

CA 90250 


Tel: +1-424-255-1179

Email: ibdminfo@gmail.com

IBDM Europe

Rastenfeld 151 

Suite # X7599 

Rastenfeld, 3532


Email: ibdminfo@gmail.com

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